Australia Beacheskid Review

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow
Upgrade your little ones seat, so that they may travel in a little more luxury at very little extra cost!

Travelling long haul with small kids can be daunting. The last time we flew long haul we only had the two little ones and it was nothing short of awful…my cuddly 8 month old baby was too big for the cots, so could only sleep in our arms whilst our 2 year old kept sliding onto the floor to fall asleep only to be woken abruptly every time by the flight attendant who insisted be sat back up in his chair causing him great upset as the poor little guy just wanted to lay down but I already had a sleeping baby in my lap and there was nowhere else for the poor little guy to go and certainly no way that Mum would get even a glimmer of rest…needless to say the journey was quite painful. As you can imagine, and most of you will probably share my thoughts and fears, the build up to our recent big trip to the UK was certainly filled with plenty of anxiety.

Thankfully just before we were due to fly I discovered the 1st class kid travel pillow – an inflatable pillow that fills the foot well in front of the seat on an airplane, creating more room for a child to spread out, rest their legs or curl up for a snooze. I had 2 x 1st class kid travel pillows tucked neatly into my hand luggage, with everything else the kids need, and was pleasantly surprised at how small they packed away and how little room they took up (when deflated).


Once we were up in the air and well into our journey my 3 year old twins began to fidget and become unsettled, so I instantly jumped up to retrieve the 1st class kid travel pillows from the overhead locker and kept my fingers firmly crossed that they would help. Inflating the pillows took very little effort as stretching them out from the corners after opening the valve actually almost filled them with air, so they didn’t take a great deal of puff to finish off. Once they were inflated I squeezed them into the space in front of the seat and they fit perfectly sitting at just the right height to act as an extension to the seat. My son instantly smiled as he pulled his blanker over himself and curled up on his converted little bed and my daughter looked equally pleased to be able to lift up her legs to rest.


Once I had inflated the pillows my little ones quickly became more settled and it wasn’t long before they both drifted off to sleep. They both looked so cute snuggled up on their converted little chair beds and fortunately my fears that the air hostesses may make us put the pillows away did not come to pass…in fact the air hostesses only commented on what a great idea they are, along with a number of other intrigued passengers.


After a very busy few weeks in the UK, I was pleased to be facing our return flight with a little more confidence knowing that we were armed with our 1st Class Kids Travel Pillows. We were only an hour into the first of our flights to get home when my twins asked for their pillows and with a quick set up again they were comfortable and ready to sleep, which they proceeded to do almost the entire rest of the journey….wow major win for an extremely relieved Mum and Dad. Even my 6 year old son was managing to steal a space on his sisters pillow to rest his legs and while originally I had assumed he would be too big to use one, after seeing how comfortable it made him, I would definitely be investing in a 1st Class Kids Travel Pillow for him too on our next journey.


The 1st Class Kids Travel Pillow is a great way to upgrade your little ones seats to travel in a little more luxury at very little extra cost, which benefits both the kids and the parents! I would highly recommend the 1st Class Kids Travel Pillow for anyone travelling long haul with small children and I would certainly recommend it for domestic or short flights to keep those little legs rested and comfortable. The 1st Class Kids Travel Pillow is easy to use, takes up very little space in your hand luggage and makes for a far more comfortable journey for your little ones.