Airline Permission of Use?

Before the pillow was invented (2011) the idea was checked with the FAA – the response was – “You would have to ask the airline if you can use your travel pillow as a footrest. There are no FAA regs pertaining to this questions”. The exit row is an area where you may not be able to use 1stClass Kid but to sit in an Exit Row, the FAA requires that a passenger be 15 years of age or older.

We have thousands of customers worldwide who have travelled without any issues regarding usage of the 1st Class Kid Travel.

Due to correspondence directly or ‘Inflight comfort’ links on an airline website we presently do not advise for Air NZ, British Airways, Qantas, United & Air France flights.
We have not received official word but due to some feedback, the following airlines may not let you use a footrest travel pillow so we advise calling your airline customer service prior to purchasing for Air Canada, Emirates, Korean Air, and Qatar flights.   This is the case for any inflatable footrest, not just 1st Class Kid!

The following airlines have been very helpful and understand how important it is to provide ‘leg rest’ options to traveling families –

Air North Yukon
Air Vanuatu
See ‘Convertible In-flight beds for children’
ANA – See ‘Using carry on beds for children’
CATHAY PACIFIC – see ‘Safety seats & devices’ > ‘Children’s sleeping devices’
Etihad Airways
Eva Air – 
See ‘Travel Gadgets’
KLM. Royal Dutch Airlines 
See ‘Inflight bed
LATAM Airlines
Silk Air
See ‘Convertible Inflight Beds for Children’
Singapore Air  
See “Convertible inflight beds for children”
Sunwing Airline Vacations
Virgin AustraliaStar Alliance
See ‘Guest Comfort Items’
WestJet – (exception on WestJet Encore (WR) or WestJet Link)

There are many more airlines who have no issues with usage of 1st Class Kid.
On rare occasions, we receive customer feedback who were told they were ‘unable to use’ but these have been inconsistent as we hear from other passengers who have traveled on the same airline without any issue so for that reason we have only posted airlines that have info links or written responses approving 1st Class Kid.

Overall it is up to your flight crew’s discretion and due to airline policies that may change without notice we cannot guarantee usage on any airline. If you have any concerns please call your airline customer service or try the airlines Facebook messaging option if available.

We want to assure airlines and our customers that safety during a flight was the most important aspect considered when 1st Class Kid was designed.  Our Pillow does not attach to any seat so there is no damage caused to plane interior, does not prevent the recline of the seat in front and it has a larger than normal valve allowing the pillow to deflate in seconds should an emergency incident occur!
We recommend: – you plan your seating arrangement so you are only dealing with your traveling companions and not blocking in non-party passengers.

Do not inflate and set up 1st Class Kid until you are at cruising level.
1st Class Kid should be treated like any other carry-on.

So there is no reason to disturb your child it is best to have your child’s seatbelt fastened at all times and place belt over blanket so the stewards can see they are buckled in. You can loosen the seatbelt strap to its max or request an extender belt to help with comfort.

Please note: this travel pillow is intended to support legs. Due to slow deflation possibility DO NOT leave child face down on the pillow. Adult supervision is required.