How to Inflate the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow

Manual Inflation Video

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow should be treated like any other carry-on item.  DO NOT set up your pillow until you are at cruising level.

The 1st Class Kid Travel pillow has a combined inflation/deflation valve that must be used correctly to avoid difficulty when deflating. It is highly recommended that you practice these steps at home prior to using the 1stClassKid pillow on a flight. It is not complex but care must be taken as deflation of the pillow is virtually impossible unless you remove the deflation cover as described below.

The combination inflation/deflation valve is designed to be pushed into the pillow when inflated. This should be the default position of the valve when received. When deflated, the valve can be pushed out from behind to gain easier access to the inflation tube. Once inflated the valve can be pushed in or left out to allow easy access to the valve covers and body.

Inflation Instructions:
The removable inflation/deflation valve has a one-way valve that keeps air from exiting the pillow while you are pausing to take a breath. While it is possible to inflate the pillow completely by mouth through the inflation valve, experience has proven that the best way to inflate the 1stClassKid Travel pillow is to follow these steps –

Start with the deflation valve removed (Fig 1). With the valve removed, there is a gaping hole that will allow air to easily enter (or exit) the pillow.

Next, pull out the corners of the pillow and form it into its shape. By doing this, it should be at least half full then hold up to your planes ventilation system above you (Fig 2)

If there are no forced air options screw in the inflation value (Fig.3) and complete inflation by mouth. Please take caution as you will be at altitude so take breaks when blowing manually.

The inflation valve has a one-way valve that keeps air from exiting the pillow while you are pausing to take a breath.

Another way to inflate is via a mini Pump.