NO to Germs!

With the outbreak of Coronavirus, it only reminds us that it is worth to take precautions while travelling! Who cares if you look like a germaphobe! No one wants to be sick on their vacation so why not try your best to prevent picking up germs during your travels. 

Planes do not get a deep clean after each flight, this would take too much time and delay flights! In most cases, it’s a quick wipe down in between flights! Experiments show surprisingly, that the flush button and door locks in the lavatory were some of the cleaner surfaces, however, the tray table was found to be the nastiest place for germs on each plane!!

Our Airplane Tray table cover provides accessible pockets for storage for small toys, tech & snacks but it is also great as a germ barrier and is easy to wipe clean.

Don’t forget to pack the basics like hand sanitizer & disinfecting wipes. Remember for carry-on liquid form, keep it under 3.4 ounces (100 mils)

Do We Breathe Recycled Air During a Flight?

Fresh air from outside the plane is continuously drawn into the cabin and it passes through HEPA filters which remove a minimum of 99.97% of any airborne particulates, bacteria and viruses.  The average planes cabin air is completely refreshed about 20 times per hour!
Yes, it combines with some recirculated cabin air but it’s the passengers around you that you should be aware of if they are coughing & sneezing!  This is when a disposable mask may help you and if you are travelling sick, help others by wearing one so you can prevent spreading your germs.