Mini USB Travel Pump

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow has more than one option to inflate either by:

1.  Your airplane ventilation port (if available)

2. Manually:
please see

3. Pump. We offer an optional – Multipurpose mini USB Travel Pump.

  • The pump is very lightweight – Weighs less than 5oz and is Powered by a USB connection or a battery pack (not included) – Perfect for Travel! 
  • Ideal for other uses during your vacation – comes with a variety of nozzles to adapt to most inflatable products on the market. Such as outdoor air cushions, household air beds, swimming rings, and inflatable toys, and can also deflate.

The pump does not hold a charge so needs to be powered by a battery pack (recommended) or by the airline seat USB port (if available).
The power cord is approximately 40” long so if the plane seat USB port is at a high point it may not reach the footrest when it is placed on the floor. 
If this is the case, then you can start inflation on your lap but do not inflate to the max as it will be too hard to slide the pillow down between seats.  Instead, inflate to a point where you can still push the pillow sides in so you can position the pillow on the floor then to get a tight fit you can complete inflation manually.

Do not inflate and set up 1st Class Kid until you are at cruising level.
1st Class Kid should be treated like any other carry-on.  

NOTE: The pump will make a noise but generally blends in with the sound of plane engines.  The noise level of the pump will vary depending on the strength of your USB power pack or plane USB connection.

Do not run the pump for long periods.  Adult supervision is required.

Color: Blue