Travel Codex Review

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When your son or daughter becomes too large or fidgety to remain as a lap child, and you finally decide to plunk down the change for a seat, not all problems go away…

  • Why does this kid keep dropping toys on the floor?
  • How do I get the baby to sleep during nap time?
  • Will my baby be comfortable?
  • Will the baby need to sleep across my wife and I, making it so that I can’t really move?

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow aims to answer and solve these questions.

We tested this with our 18 month old son on two different flights: SFO-JFK in Virgin America Economy Class and JFK-SFO in JetBlue Economy Class. For our first flight out, we didn’t inflate the pillow until my son started to look tired and ready to nap.

Inflating the pillow is pretty easy. There’s a valve that opens up, and the instruction manual suggests that you hold it up to the air conditioning vent above the seat. I felt a bit odd doing this, as I wondered if people might be curious about this large inflatable thing that I was holding up high to inflate, but it actually did work to get the bulk of the pillow inflated. I then screwed the primary valve on, and I popped the part off that lets you inflate manually by blowing into it. I had the pillow puffed up in no time. Note: the manual warns against inflating it before you hit cruising altitude, as the increase in pressure may cause it to pop. Once my son was ready to sleep, we stuck the pillow down there and made him a little bed.

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